Reviews for "Tripod Attack"

Smooth game, good growth curve as the levels progress. It is a shame that all this effort was put into the graphics and I'm still staring at my mouse cursor. No crosshairs or alien targeting? And the completion screen - yawn. A little more polish and you've got the genre nailed. Keep it up.

destroyalord7 must be too young to have heard of war of the worlds. Very, very cool game.

Good Game, although this looks and has similar concepts to Mass Effect 3.
4 stars.

I enjoyed this game immensely and hope you make a sequel. If you do however I would imagine the laser easily destroying missiles it touched instead of being sharpshooter accurate by clicking directly on them.

Most of this game, came off the movie called "War of the Worlds". Other than that, it's a terrific game. I can't think of anything to make it better. Great job!