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Reviews for "Tripod Attack"

This was an awesome game. I really enjoyed the progression that went on throughout. You start out kind of hoping that you can make it through, and things feel really tense, but by the end, you're this immortal engine of destruction that just marches forward and wipes out everything in its path. The achievements were fun to collect, and the added fun in the menu for collecting them all really made it about 10 times more fun.

I enjoyed this game greatly, you really did an excellent job on this. Everything was fantastic.

seriously? this game gets really annyoing really quick...

just awesome

Not bad. the graphics where good and the game play straightforward. well done over all. eh...music kind wore on my after awhile however.

Creative, achievements are tough. level up system is great, units are good they really bring out the U.S military. Great time waster for about an hour. Keep it up.