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Reviews for "Chain Mail"

Definitely funny. The voice acting was pretty good for getting raped. Haha

I see there's critcism for "basic" characters. If I'm right, this is just a random cartoon. Splendid character designs aren't neccessary and would've been a waste of your time.

Anyways, there could've been more body language, and the backgrounds could've used perspective and more detail. But other than that, it's entertaining. C:

six floating giant black penises

Hmm alright, the colors are nice and they pop out, I like the line-work as well. Overall, the drawings themselves look pretty natural and stylistic, which I like, however the animation was really basic, though it was smooth, there is much more to animation than just being smooth to make it look good. Characters are very flat and basic, but I kinda like your style anyway.

The biggest issue that I personally had was the humor... other than the YouTube usernames, I didn't really find it funny. Voicing was okay.

Overall it's definitely not bad, but I feel there's a lot of stuff you need to tweak with the visual presentation...

glasscake responds:

Thanks for the criticism.

Also I don't mean to be a dick but look at your profile image and then look at Egoraptors.

Can't say he wasn't warned. Serves him right.
The "Fuckface" and "Dickwhacker" screen names cracked me up.

sweet youtube comments