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Reviews for "Chain Mail"

Love the animation and the style. It looks alot better than in Brokemon. More movement within the bodies, the way the eyes move look less stiff and much more fluid. I also liked the voice acting too. Though the joke sort of a hit and miss as some suspense could have been used. Make the experience with the Pizza man and the dick a bit more dramatic.

As for what the cartoon was discussing, I definitely agree. Something as stupid as spam that leads to some shitty site or chain comments REALLY get annoying. Glad to know that those stopped around 2008 or 9. But all we got now is fucking stupid as hell Justin Bieber comments (like anyone would waste their time on that talentless hack, the amount of people who like or disliked a video and of course, "I'm on that weird side of YouTube again"). But I digress.

Loved it, man.

Man, what a dick. And who wears chainmail these days anyway?

It says it will be in 5 minutes. That guy didnt copy and pasted but its not 5 minutes .

so fucking funny.....aldlkj;aldskf;lkzjxcf;jlk

I told you I #@*$!ing told you!!! NOO NOOO NOOOO. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!. EPIC