Reviews for "Chain Mail"

LOL!! This made me laugh so much!! I know (kinda) take chainmail seriously (loljks) But seriously Welldone! one of the best sketches i have seen, and by far one of the funniest

OH MY GOD. I liked this so much so much that I had to rewatch it a few times.
The family guy-esque anmiation only made it better, and you did a good job with the expressions.
Ohhh man. I haven't loled that hard in a very long time. Really delivered on the comedic value.
Once again, thank you for submitting this.
Come to think of it, why haven't cartoons done a segment like this yet?

omg i told you man i told you hahaha

I failed to keep a straight face. 5/5

I really don't know what to say..