Reviews for "SWITCHBLADE"

TO BIG FOR Newgrounds

you gotta get off this site, and make alot of money off that :D
imba all the way =D

Absolutely Amazing.

This is a piece of art, dude. Only complaint is the singer needs to be a little louder. But that's probably just the studio, so no worries.

Sucks that you guys broke up. If you stayed together, you probably would've had something going for you. As is, I can't believe you DIDN'T get signed.

So yeah, I'll be contacting you for a CD sometime in the future.


FINALLY LYRICS HAVE MADE IT TO NEWGROUNDS!!! =D This is awesome, can I have the lyrics for it pm'ed?


good good good good awsome awsome awsome awsome, incredible incredible incredible incredible, nice, nice, nice, nice song. they should cange from i would do 100/10 if i could

I think I got most of the lyrics

this one goes out to anyone who crosses me // im gonna ???? ???? when anyone ??? in front of me // did you really think that I wouldnt find out how could you ???? everyone in town // Take the switchblade out of my rephermy? (idk) I put it in your chest or wherever your heart seems to be annd... idk the rest... other than these words that come up :P