Reviews for "SWITCHBLADE"

Really Good!

I really like this song, it's one of my favorite new ska songs. Even better, I was helping in one of the collabs (Switchblade Collab) and we used this song. I like it a lot.

Lovin it

Like mcdonalds love to make hamburgers

Great song

could you tab out the bass line for me i would like to learn this song, i haven't heard a good new Ska song in a while. If you don't wanna tab it out that's cool i just wanted to learn it.

Ska cool

Not sure why this does not a better score but its still cool.

I dont know what Ska music its meant to sound, like so this is a treat. The tune seems like a cross between jazz ,with some fast jazz like beats. Also indie rock etc. The track is fast and exciting t,he lyics are cool the voice is like a fast track. Featured on a skater game. The drums and instrumen,ts are wicked very strong. The sound is loud but cool, i love the various beats i can hear. A fast track which does not bore at all.

I guess the only snag is the latter is not as good ,as the intro. I think its the lack of the jazz sound, which seemes some of the best bits. The lyrics are unclear.

Ovreall a fast track.

review requeat club


Makes me want to stand up and dance

> <