Reviews for "SWITCHBLADE"


Brilliant song. I don't normally listen to Ska, but this track is really something else.

The vocals are brilliantly clear, a problem faced by many here who try to use vocals in their songs.

Is the brass live performed as well?! I seriously think you guys should go to a record dealer and talk with them, you have an amazing song here. I am sorry to hear that you guys broke up, truly, when such talent goes away, the world loses out.

I have absolutely nothing to add or remove from this song, so i'll stop here.

easily a 5/5 from me. Good luck to all your futures.

Why does god curse me?

God curses me with the inability to make flashes!

I would make an awesome "opening" to an anime with this song, like a naruto/bleach thing even if it killed me!

awsome song

i really did wish you guys would make more songs

Fucking awesome

Just like mastermind777, i also first heard this on platform racing. I'm like, holy fucking shit i love this song out of em all. I downloaded it and look out for it in my youtube channel, jaydellshah. If im allowed, i hope i can use this in a video. Epic music, dude.

wow dude nice job

first 10 ive given to anything