Reviews for "SWITCHBLADE"


ive listned to alot.. ALOT of ska im my life but has to be the best one i have heard in a long time this is just.. WOW man u rock!

nice, it makes me happy!!

it makes me want to get outside and do stuff!!
by the way i put it on my pod!!


This is a great song and I don't think it needs any more mixing. It sounds good as it is now. All instruments can be heard just fine and everything sounds fine to me.

Well, not much else to say here as I didn't notice any flaws in this piece. Great work!

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Great song rating HIGH

Great song LOVE it rate 99999 fiddlestiks only 10. I think I heard a swear in it but great song, is there any lyrics because I can't understand a word of the song lol.

Love it man!

That was skanky! haha. Excelent job. Your now my 2nd favorite ska band (Reel Big Fish still are first :D) Great vocals, well great everything!