Reviews for "SWITCHBLADE"

Good Job

I enjoyed that good catchy tune and good singing if i had an award id give you it but sadly i don't lol =( oh well keep up the good work you deserve the 10/10.


make more plz

Good job.

It's a nice song, and it would've been nice to hear more like this but apparently you broke up. According to your comments I mean, well anyway. I like to play this when I wake up and before I get started on my day. Nice job.


First heard on platform racing 2, and loved ever since.
What I liked:
1. Vocals owned.
2. beat was fast and rythmatic
3. Clear sound
4. Fitting name
5. Ska. Ska in itself is epic. You preformed it perfectly, which adds bonus!
This has left its mark....
I'll pass this song around!
Epic name...

Anywho, love the song, PM me if you're coming out with another, maybe a sequel?


My fav song ever!