Reviews for "SWITCHBLADE"


its nice :no comment!!!! 5S

i can listen 2 this song all day

this n atreyu-the crimson n avenge sevenfold-beast and the harlot r my favorite songs


Nice job to bad you guys broke up. This is an amazing ska track, your doing a great job in promoting ska. This song is fucking awsome, and the video is really trippy. Keep on posting shit! Also good job on the Ska Cast, its fucking sweet what ur doing with it


it was really good, maybe ill look at more of your stuff i give it as 5/5 every day, nice work on this song i really liked it, oh and wats an ska song?

SKAzini responds:

I put this in every couple of months..anybody that wants a Detective Jabsco CD, before we broke up of course, send me an IM through AIM..the sn is SKAZZINI



make more plz