Reviews for "SWITCHBLADE"

Ska is dead but not you guys!!!!!

This song is so fucking awsome....the best song in newgrounds!!!!!!!

Great song

could you tab out the bass line for me i would like to learn this song, i haven't heard a good new Ska song in a while. If you don't wanna tab it out that's cool i just wanted to learn it.

So umm....

One of the best Ska songs in Newgrounds! Everything else about this song has been said before (How awesome this song is), so I need not say more. I hope you and the rest of your ex-band mates the best of luck though! Great work!

Great mixing

I don't know what the author's comment is about really, lol. Everything blends together perfectly and the song stays true to the Ska genre, the horns are perfect and the vocals are awesome, love the echo effect employed there.


This FUCKIN AMAZING! True hardcore ska. This what I like to hear.