Reviews for "SWITCHBLADE"

4th wave

W00t a 4th wave im so happy love it like all to hell 15/15 could you send me tabs so me and my friends can play it and we will tell them all abought you guys too.

love it

this song is kewl


dude this is like so badass bro like the begining reminds of like panteon rococo its like so badass bro keep it up i can see you guys really high

Fucking Blows MY MIND!

I loved the the way you made the guitar and trumpet intertwine. Also the Hard-Core Punk beat helped too! The rhythm blended seamlessly into the whole thing... Over all i thing this is something all Ska artist[s] should study, for this is the best example of what Ska should be...


This is friggin' awesome. The best Ska i've heard on this site.