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Reviews for "Passage of Time"

i like it its asome
turbahi! boboiboy

I'v really liked it.
This Game is simple, easy to learn and with a great endig.

A perfect game for the PAX Holidays.

This game manages to give an important message in a short amount of time, and I think that is, quite frankly, perfect.
The fact that this game is so short actually complements the message perfectly.

The jumping was a little clunky at times and took a moment to respond, but overall it was done very well. The music is quite good also, but sound effects for collecting memories would be nice!

super sweet art and cool music i like the way you took this game and made it so good job i would like a second one plz!

Good game. The graphics were simplistic, but that isn't a bad thing. The mechanic was pretty straightforward.

The message that this short game brings is pretty deep. Game lasted less than 5 mins, but made me think back through the years of my life in a flash.

Heavy stuff.