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Reviews for "Passage of Time"

What a very interesting game! It really gets you thinking on your own life. It is true, in the end, all you have are memories, which later become useless. Only thing I recommend is more music, and not the same track repeating over and over. Keep it up!

Very fine game, and can be addicting if you want to go for the max score.

One thing bothered me enough though not to give a full 5 star rating, i expected some new music i never heard before to accompany the game, which i didn't.

Really relaxing

It isn't a long game but it was good to play this game. This game could people start thinking about theyr lives and that it is going very fast. This game has a story in his and everyone who plays this has another story.

I think the platformer aspect is the best part of this game, as it gets harder throughout each "stage" but retains its simple controls. As for the passage of time theme, I think it could have been elaborated on- the significance of his memories, etc. I think you may have tried to cram a bit much in to a little game, and could have focused of the level aspect or the time aspect. The best "philisophical" games you dont wade into, you dive. This game has great potential but could be more concise for its message.