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Reviews for "Incident:011A"

A short summary that I came up with:

Shortly after the resurrection of MAG Agent : Torture, he continued to work for the A.A.H.W. Soon after that, he realized that he serves no purpose any longer to them and goes rouge. He was then killed by a grunt armed with an M203 grenade launcher shortly after, THE END. Hope that helped someone understand this more easier.

Hey, this is an incident, that's why MAG agent attacks them even if he was on their side. But...i tought there are no more simply drawn agents. And simply drawn agents are so weak, I say them fighing with Hank, why are they strong now? Anyway good job for Project Nexus and best wishes for new episodes.

love the incident shorts like the madness. also but my favirote is Madness Combat series!

Great but i though that the mag agent was on there side. Why is he atacking his guys?

KyleProtuctions - Shortest and BEST movie ever :D Nice job Krinkels , as always you make a surprise. Fun to see , that the place was from Project Nexus :)