Reviews for "Headbanging Hero: Metal"

Interesting idea, but game play and animations definitely need some work.

Hope to see an updated version for sure!

I don't get what you were going for. It's like guitar hero yet the way you hit buttons is completely out of beat with every song. It's makes it very strange to play.

Maybe you should have spent more time with the game play then the presentation.
You had a pretty good looking game, at the start. Then I actually started playing and felt, a bit let down...
Character design was rad, songs wan't bad, and concept was pretty solid.
But for what?
I just felt silly actually playing the game. There could at least been some animations between the arrow presses. All that fancy intro animation and menu design, and to lead up to that choppy game play. I didn't even know if I was doing good or bad. This game was a let down.
Oh and don't you think you went a little over board with the medals? Pressed start, medal. Pressed how to play, medal. Saw a character, medal. Didn't do anything, have a medal.

A game killed by presentation. Try and work on that.

I liked the idea of the game but the game itself is lacking in allot of areas.
For one not getting penalized for holding down a button or hitting the wrong button before a arrow comes up kind of makes this game easy mode no matter what.
You should look up step mania if you haven't heard of it, it might be better to make a actual game out of this then a flash game that people can download on your site.
As for the quality i also agree and i am on a 3.0ghz dual core with a pretty good graphics card.
There isn't any reason why the game should lag when you get to fast areas.
But overall it did make me wish there was something more to this game it has allot of potential and i feel your game is in the early stages of something great.

I think a few things should be added to give it a better more competitive feel.
One thing i did love about the game was the headbanging feature but i feel it's over used and should be used for either powerup points like in guitar hero or solos.
Adding a countdown when you're about to go out of headbang mode would be nice as well.
Another thing i feel is a must is multipliers. Simply stopping at 11 is kind of a slap in the face i think everyone wishes to see high numbers aka every button they hit correctly.
And what fun would multipliers be without animations?..
20 chain metal fingers, 50 chain metal face, 100 chain bite the head off of a bat and headbang with a spraying headless bat in your hand, 200 chain head shoots off blood sprays, 500 combo redblood changes to rainbow, 1000 chain you grow wings and float, fail chain simply a sadface or falling to the floor then standing back up with his head back on.

I hope you continue with a headbanging hero 2 because this could be something great.

Wow, I didn't know this game was going to be so high paced! Congradulations on having so many songs being used, some of the most I've seen in a submission! The graphics and designs are great. What I also love is how there are so many things going on and the characters look silly when they're doing the signs. I never thought it would be that easy to get a secret medal! Here's a way to get far in this game.

You can just press all the arrow keys at once on your keyboard using both hands. You're not going to get good combos with that, but for those of you who aren't good at music, give this a try. It's great that there are so many medals and so many scenarios. The music, is of course, wonderful. The discs representing the songs look smaller now.