Reviews for "Headbanging Hero: Metal"

I couldn't even focus on trying ... you need to be able to lower quality .... everything is laggy

Game-play just doesn't make sense. Not much head banging going on either. Shouldn't they at least head bang with the beat of the song? One for star for making it metal.

It would really help if the arrow had colours, and probably solid would be better, and i'm trying to follow the beat while playing the keys but i think it's out of sync so it doesn't feels natural.
Otherwise it looks really nice, and seems like a good idea. I hope you keep working on it

The visuals and music are good.

Needs some color for the arrows.
It takes too long to get through the options to start playing the game.
There's no penalty for hitting a wrong key, you shouldn't be able to button mash and still win.

i can concentrate cuz the characters moves are funny xD