Reviews for "Headbanging Hero: Metal"

First of all,the artwork is nice but the arrows are annoying as hell and it makes it more unpleasant to play this way..also I am not sure when to click since no matter when I do it I get it right..
second,the songs are pretty good but the gameplay is too easy and repeats it self.
I gave you a 2.5 because I like these kind of games but its a shame that the game is too annoying to play for me.. I would love it if you made a better version of this game <3

Maybe it is just my computer, but this game is lagging to the point that it isn't even playable.

juego de mierda muy dificil

good game but seriuosly is too f***king easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dude this is the best rythm game ive ever played u should make more of these games 10/10 5/5