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Reviews for "FPA World 3"

Great game, have always enjoyed the fancy pants series, and to all the kids giving this a low score because your shitty computer cant run the game, fucking grow up my god.

This was a nice surprise to see :) Though I have played the first two, I don't believe I have actually beaten them, not sure why. I actually took the time to play this one through to the end, and though I didn't actually accomplish everything, I did finish it, and I'm very satisfied with what I played. It was a little laggy for me (of course that's my computer's fault), but that hardly detracted from this great game. I've always enjoyed this series, and this installment didn't disappoint. It makes me want to download it for my Ipod touch, even if it costs money, as I'm sure that it's worth the price to pay for it. Great work, and hope that World 4 (If there is one) will be just as great :)

How to do multiplayer? D:

Why did you wait so long to upload it here? I bought this off XBLA about a year ago!
Nevertheless, this is a great game, I recommend playing it, or even buying it on XBLA/PSN.
5 Stars because i've always loved the fancy pants games, and this is a great addition.

Have five. Just take them! Take them!