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Reviews for "FPA World 3"

Better than the last 2 fancy pants

it's takink so long 4 out of 5 are we cool here????????????

Now THAT'S what I call a mutha fuckin' GAME!!!!
10 outa 10!
5 outa 5!
100,000,000,000,000 outa 5!

This is so much better than mario or sonic ever was, everything about it is fun!
I do kinda wish you could have a more worthy opponant after you get the pencil though, I spent a while mastering all the swings, charged,jab and jump attacks and never faced an enemy that really put my weaponwork to the test. I really liked using the weapon though, the controls were easy to master and fun to use I just wish you had more to use them on!
But the parkour adventuring and combat style more than make up for it though, really hope fancy pants becomes a HUGE hit!

the game takes forever to load! D: it took me 5 hour's to load.though,great art.:D