Reviews for "FPA World 3"


its better on ps3 in my opinion but its still cool

wonderful game with great platforming and unique grafics. but i wish it was longer

Fo Shizzle..I like Piggies.TOTO

Easily the most fluid flash game i've played to date. The animations flow perfectly into one another. Near the end of the game is where I felt this began to show its true potential - battling evil ninjas with my wicked pencil-combos has never felt more satisfying. (Not many other things feel that good, either) I was rather sad to see it end, however - the story was great, but a bit simple, and I felt that you were just inches away from something I'd have felt fine with spending $20 on to play on a DS, PSP, or other dedicated hand-held console.

Add more boss battles - they're where I think you have the most room to grow. The final boss was nice, but only having a single such battle the entire game is what made me feel like it had further to go.