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Reviews for "Pokemon Great Defense"

It mostly doesn't accept where I want to place my pokemon even when I got the required resources.

I think the number one thing wrong with this game would either fall to the balancing issue, or the issue of not being able to hit anything.
Both of these are something you really need to adjust. Especially when the shuppets arrive. None of the shots any pokemon fire hit them. It very annoying knowing that although I have quite a few higher level pokemon, I can't stop any of the shuppets because none of the slow moving bullets fired will make contact to do damage. So increase the bullet speed.

Fix the upgrades to increase more than just the damage and a slight boost to the radius. A attack speed adjustment would be nice as well.

Oh yeah, fix the lagg problem as well. Once a wave starts to get on the board, this thing starts to bog down pretty badly.

Fix the bugs on the placement, I had to restart the entire game because it would no longer let me place any pokemon.

There is a lot of issues to fix in this, but if you can get them under control, the I think it'll do alright.

Why is there no option to turn off the music?

this game is very boring it must have bugs because it does not let you put your pokemon down and the poemon they chose for the game are dum