Reviews for "_-={The Tanks Thunder}=-_"


I am getting goosebumps as I listen to this. And I agree with Unborn-reason that the choirs add a lot to this. Your orchestral skills are obviously apparent though, and are the shining point of this piece.

If I were to suggest one thing, I'd say add a couple more bridges in the song that vary the energy levels in this song. For the most part, it feels like there is one energy level pushed on throughout the song. If you know what I mean, adding a couple more areas in the song that lack energy will make listeners appreciate the energy of the chorus/main parts even more.

And also maybe add a couple of bridges that are even louder/explosive with bigger and more instruments playing with percussion pounding and crashing.

It's hard to critique since it was already well done, but I just like to give some advice to everyone.

MaestroRage responds:

You're right, bridges would have been helpful, but this piece was designed to be short, it's not even supposed to be THIS long! Oh well, this was as small as I could make it! Perhaps i'll come back to this piece one day and implement the ideas I had for it back then.

Thank you for the critique and review F1uk3, i'm glad you found the piece enjoyable ^^.


Yo man nice song sounds like a lost/survivor/LOTR kinda song haha nice

be sure to look at some of my music etierh this account or black-bamboo check out some of the songs PCE

MaestroRage responds:

I'm glad you liked the track! I'll drop by your page the second I find some free time. Thank you for the review :D.

hmmm its perfect !

very nicely done. i love it. im going to go put it as a song for the game "natural selection" again dude nice job and thx for makeing it ;)

MaestroRage responds:

no worries, i'm glad you liked it!

Natural selection eh? Never heard of it, off to google for me!!!

Thanks for the review ^^.


Once again, you have owned the world of music. Honestly, you're the best classical musician NGAP has to offer. I'm just really stunned at the amount of skill you have at making these pieces of art.
If you are indeed a student like your profile says, I really hope you're studying something related to the arts.

And also... I could swear that I heard a REALLY similar song being played on the game Heroes V.

MaestroRage responds:

Heroes of Might and Magic 4 and 5 have AMAZING work. Largely thanks to Anthony Paul Romero. He is brilliant at what he does.

I would not say I am the best, but I appreciate your kind words :). I am currently studying Computer science, but I do plan on studying music after that. 8 year plan! Yay :D!

If you do find that song similar to this, please, PLEASE send me a pm. I would like to hear it ^^.

Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it!


i could listen to this if you made it another 60 hours long!!

MaestroRage responds:

60 hours is a very long time to listen to a song. It might even drive you crazy...


Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it!