Reviews for "_-={The Tanks Thunder}=-_"


It feels like your the third party of a very big battle about to start. Just looking on you can see the space where the battle will be held and the two armies standing at each end. The tension is mounting upon them making your heart pound. The hatred and passion about to go into war is so unbearable, you feel as if there will will be an explosion from the energy both sides emit. An astounding piece and a brilliant job done by you Maestro. Believe it or not, an inspirational piece.

great song Maestro

its really great and if u and winterwind NS had a collab it'd be really great :)! sadly however i don't have a story for this one :( anyways great song man keep up the good work.

The calvary has arived!

I could see it now! M1 Habrams and Apatchies in the distance swooping in and saveing the day (Bigest battle ever) "It's payback time boy's!"


The only thing that stops me from giving this piece a 10/10
is probably that it doesnt give the feeling of hatred and rage,
but instead conveys "terror" in a way.

Great work though.
5/5 and 9/10


This is the single most amazing piece of classical music i have ever heard. Its the sort of music you would hear in a film when the camera is panning across two armys opposing eachother, the good side and the bad side about to face off in a bloody battle.