Reviews for "_-={The Tanks Thunder}=-_"

Great song..

But Really Short =[

Loved it

Loved it, lots of power behind it, almost makes you want to go do something.... ALMOST!


You should really use your talent to the next level and get employed making music for games or any other careers that may involve music.

Very nice.

I can see the tanks coming! I didn't give you a full ten because I've heard other pieces that saturate the minds of people that fight, like Fuck Your Real Guitar w/Guitar by Eternalreich and Statonic Dreams by Vegetarian Meat. Actually, this (to me) sounds like an innocent all of a sudden having to put up a fight to save lives, because not everyone who fights have hateful saturated minds. STILL, this is an awsome piece! You are good with an orchestra.


when i listen i get the feeling that one side is losing the battle horrible, men falling left and right, and then a lone warrior appears, and the battle almost instantly turns and the loser's fight harder and faster. soemthing like that.