Reviews for "_-={The Tanks Thunder}=-_"


I feel the power of a war happening within this song.
something like an epic battle with every heatbeat i get.
your the best.

Ever Your Older Songs Are Great

The old monk stood in the bell tower, watching the the Golems walked past. Suddenly, the Hero leaped over the monk's head and engaged them in battle. The Golems swung at him, often missing and hitting the ground with great force. Just as the Hero was about be overwhelmed, he dashed away from the church. The Hero stopped once to look back, and winked at the monk. "My prayers have come true!" the monk silently rejoiced as his former apprentice drew the Golems farther and farther way from the artifact hidden in the church.


amazing peice of yours, looking forward to using it on a website, hopefully youll get more listeners!


"And there, from the cockpit of my scout plane I saw them all grouped together in a single massed formation. Thousands upon Thousands of tanks, all moving together like a colony of ants. This is what we were up against, we did not stand a chance. So, I did what I could, I pitched over and set my aircraft in a dive and let loose with my four .50" Browning's and my single 20mm Hispano's, strafing the mass of armored vehicles. I set several ablaze, and many more in ruins. I did this until I was out of ammo, and low on fuel. Both my official mission and self-imposed mission complete, I headed back to the airbase and told them what I had done. The next day, I was back in the air, in a P-47 Thunderbolt instead of my preferred and beloved P-38 Lightning, and set on taking out the rest of that armor, and that is what we did, even strafing the ammo and gas trucks as well. We had some help as well, several hundred of our tanks followed us and really helped land a devestating punch during the confusion we had caused.Through it all you could hear the Aircraft roar and the tanks thunder.

wow dude, i havent listened to this in a while

but i remember listening to it wayyy back in late 2006, and one of those 3.7k downloads must be mine, because this song made me a fan, and it still does to this day, almost 2 years later.

great job maestro!