Reviews for "_-={The Tanks Thunder}=-_"


reminds e of a WWII battle

Amazing song

when i heard this i pictured this storyline maybie il use it:
the marines prepared their equipment as their drop pod left the battle barge, the pod began to shake as it entered the atmosphere of the planet. with a loud crash the pod hit the ground along with hundreds more. The hatches of the pod flew off and the marines burst out screaming out battle cries as they charged the broken ork formation. it was utter chaos as the marines fired their bolters into the surrounding mob of orks. There were shots being fired everywhere the sound of it all was deafaning. suddenly a marine bumped into someone as he slowly backed from a mob of orks. as he turned and prepared to fire he noticed it was a brother marine who had done the same, sudenly both marines fired a shot around the other, one hitting an ork directly in the head the other hitting an ork in the throat. the marines looked at eachother for a split second and each gave a respectful nod to the other. They went back to back firing in the mass of orks around them, For The Emperor! the marines chanted over and over again, striking fear into the orks and focing them back. It was clear this battle would be a long and glorious one and the marines of the Ultramarines chapter would see it done and the orks purged from this world...

gotta write a nother one.

i see a soldier withe his assault rifle standing at a gravestone when his commander comes from behind him. "marine! lets go!" the commander shouts. "Yes sir..." he quietly says as they get on the spacecraft and they take off.
the whole time he just sits there looking at a picture of his brother.
"family?" the marine next to him asks. "yeah...he is my brother...he died in the very war we are going to fight." the marine quietly says. "ouch...well, i hope you avenge him." the other marine says. oh, dont worry...i will." he says as he holds up another picture of the leader of the enemy army...his dad. they are 10 minutes from their destination when the ship starts to shake uncontrollably. What happened!" the commander shouts at the pilot. "Sir! our engine has taken a hit! i cant keep her up for much longer! we are going to have to make a crash landing on the nearest planet!" the pilot shouts in return. another hit to the engine. "we're goin' down!". "so this is it huh?" the marine asks the pictures of his dead brother and his hated father. the ship crashes on a supposedly abandoned planet. the only ones that survived out of 45 were 3. the marine, the commander, and the pilot. "marine goe search the area!" the commander barks out the order. "yes sir!" the marine says as he starts to walk away. he has been walking for a while when he hears a crunch under his feet. he looks to see a skull...a human skull. "oh shit...what is waiting for me..." he says to him self as he keeps walking. he is walking when he stumbles right into a camp they raise their guns and other wapons at him. thesse guns...they are like nothing he has ever seen. "i mean to make peace." the marine calmly says. the leader walks up a strange looking man-like creature with a scar on its eye wearing a cloak and an orange energy blade on his wrist. "if you wish to make peace...drop your weapon terran." the leader spoke in an unmoving hard-toned voice. the marine complies and drops his weapon. "why do you want us as allies?" says the leader. "we wish to gain an upper hand in the war we are fighting." the marine says as he stares straight into the leaders face. "that stare... i recognize it...are you by chance related to jim raynor who led the terran revolution so many years ago?" the leader asks in an inquisitive voice. "yes...that was my grand-father, i am jim raynor the third." the marine says. "hmmmm...my name is zeratul...and you have just made a new ally with the protoss." zeratul says as he shakes the marines hand.

thats kindof what i get from this..if i find something that gets ny attebtion from maestro ill continue the story.


this should be

This should be in like the most war flashes

Great song

I like this piece, it very powerful and serious. I'm going to use part of this for my mission breifing scene.