Reviews for "_-={The Tanks Thunder}=-_"


is this the maestro sorrow in final form?

*sighs* havent reviewd in a long time...

this totally sounded like ghost recon and battlefield 2 and all those hardcore army games...cooooool.

it was overall a bit generic but had minor things that made it worth listening

to tell you the trth, i didnt like the drums (as in snare and all those u know...drums) very much, but i dont know why. i liked the rest of the percussion though.

like i saidm its almost like u ripped the song out of ghost recon and stuck on newgrounds lol. cool nonetheless.

the only thing i object to is you didnt make the chimes resonate on the last note but good job on this one

MaestroRage responds:

Hey The1talionStallion

I havn't seen your around, I was afraid you had left newgrounds, you've always left honest and more often then not useful and helpful reviews, so not seeing you around was quite a loss to newgrounds in my opinion.

I am glad you took the time to review this piece, it is a good thing to see you still up and about.

To answer your question, I wouldn't say final form, I have yet much much to learn, but I like to think i'm taking the right steps.

My friends still can't believe I can't play Mary had a little lamb on the piano.

The drums seem to be quite contraversial, some people seem to dislike it, while others really seem to like them. I picked them to make the piece more raw, tribal, and a primitive fury. Snares in my mind are far too abused in songs like this, and the feel simply wasn't there with snares.

I worked pretty hard on this piece, I am glad you feel it is worthy of real games ^^.

Thanks for the review, means alot to me.

I... hate... you... -_-

This is really awesome! Okay, trying to be more constructive. Well, first, the drums. Were they indian percussions or something like that? I think snares would have been better, although this is an original mix. The strings in the background were absolutely perfect and fit a military feel. The choirs you add later give more epic feel. Ah, and that tubular bell in the key part, too. A really important add for epic scenes, of course.Well, i think i said it all.An awesome job, as ever^_^! Hey, if you had time, would you mind checking my stuff, too?

MaestroRage responds:

They were bongo drums.

I didn't use snares on purpose, to give it a more raw feel, and I mean think about it, when you see "battle theme", the constant and predictable thing to do would bring in the snare rolls! I wanted to do something different, something that stands out from the other songs, even if the melodic feel of this song isn't that original, at least it has the percussional build to set it apart.

Thanks for your opinion though, i'm always open to what others find with the piece, I should probably do a snare version and see how it sounds. If it's infinitely better, then yeah i'll upload that as well, but I doubt it would be that much of a difference that it would be worth adding it.

I'll be sure to drop by your page, thanks Deflektor76, for the review.


When i started listening to this song i was instantly hooked.
Loved how you used the strings and the drums.

In some way this reminds of World of Warcraft music. I love the music in that game and i love this piece that you have made.

I can't give you any suggestions because i don't know how to do this ANY BETTER.

This would fit in pretty well for a battle scene.. or maybe a lord of the rings tribute or something like that.

Well i give you my 5's :)

Good job!

MaestroRage responds:

Lord of the Ring's tribute eh? Pshaw, there's way too many of those, but I do also see this in a WarCraft type game, I think this may be because of the bongo drums I used. I love bongo drums...

Thanks for the review Kim, always a pleasure to hear from you ^^.


Perfect for a warscene it seems, you put the usual epic energetic feeling in it, what I also heard in your other tunes. Good touch with the bongos, they give the hole thing a bit more "speed".

I wouldn't quite say this would be a good theme for the tankmen but for a certain scene this is perfect stuff! BUT I'm not a judge, just another contestent near your neighbourhood. ;)

Good luck for the contest man!

Thanks for your vote, DarKsidE_555! You voted 5 for _-={The Tanks Thunder}=-_, keeping its score at 5.00.

MaestroRage responds:

Thanks DarKsidE_555.

To be brutally honest, if this doesn't win i'm not going to be too upset, because the fun I had in making this song was simply unbelievable, so wether it win or not, thats okay. This song is just my new benchmark or quality.

Thanks again for the good luck, i've got my fingers crossed!

And again for the review ^^.