Reviews for "_-={The Tanks Thunder}=-_"

Can I have your babies?


This song makes me want to cut things up and put them into things, like garbage bags. But i'd do it NOBILIY! Like you know, cape flapping with body part bags flying.

here's my 50/5, and an invitation to some manly orgy!

MaestroRage responds:

You'd massacre people nobily O_o?

I don't know how that would work,but if you do find a way, be sure to let me know...

as for my babies, unless you're willing to support and raise them, why not! I'd also be willing to settle for the souls of 1000 goats.

Thanks for the review, i'm glad you enjoyed the piece ^^.

In one word, INCREDIBLE!!!!

I love this piece, so full of emotion, power and style. It is clearly obvious from this piece that their were emotions running through you while you wrote this.
You asked me Mate so let me ask you, What software do you use to compose these pieces???
Well Done.

MaestroRage responds:

Fruity Studio's 6, however the sounds you are hearing have little to do with Fruity Studio's. You're hearing plug in programs (VST's), which supply me with these high quality samples. I'm not sure if the program you use supports VST's, but if they do smack me a pm and i'll show you everything I know.

Thank you for the review, i'm glad you enjoyed the piece ^^.

Very good!

I like this one of your many works! its very powerful and inspiring. but really one thing does stay with me.... really im really not mean or anything. and i never judge anyone directly its just some criticism to consider. um, i guess the way this track made me feel like a "shock and awe" type of war scene going on in my head. my thing im trying to get at is that your description says energetic piece full of hatred and rage. i was looking for that feel more. but its good though! not to say its bad at all!! no way! but i dont think it fits that description. but who am i to say anything! you got a gold track for this!!! LOL!

MaestroRage responds:

Please you don't have to apologize or fear sounding mean by voicing your opinions. I'm always open to any kind of criticism and thoughts. You are right, the description sounds... more brutal then the song actually is, the image I used in my head though, was quite brutal, and so I guess the description complied more to the image over the piece.

Thanks for the review, i'm glad you enjoyed the piece ^^.


I am getting goosebumps as I listen to this. And I agree with Unborn-reason that the choirs add a lot to this. Your orchestral skills are obviously apparent though, and are the shining point of this piece.

If I were to suggest one thing, I'd say add a couple more bridges in the song that vary the energy levels in this song. For the most part, it feels like there is one energy level pushed on throughout the song. If you know what I mean, adding a couple more areas in the song that lack energy will make listeners appreciate the energy of the chorus/main parts even more.

And also maybe add a couple of bridges that are even louder/explosive with bigger and more instruments playing with percussion pounding and crashing.

It's hard to critique since it was already well done, but I just like to give some advice to everyone.

MaestroRage responds:

You're right, bridges would have been helpful, but this piece was designed to be short, it's not even supposed to be THIS long! Oh well, this was as small as I could make it! Perhaps i'll come back to this piece one day and implement the ideas I had for it back then.

Thank you for the critique and review F1uk3, i'm glad you found the piece enjoyable ^^.

I agree, energetic

The choir never fails in such pieces. What is it about a choir that just adds so much depth? When I listen, my mind can't help but project thoughts of standing on a cliff, watching a force roll over the landscape...perhaps a force with the intentions of wrong, and the one over looking is the one with the ability to change the ball game. I'm not sure what I can find wrong with this, I listen and my mind is really into it.

Awesome composition!

MaestroRage responds:

Choirs are in my opinion such powerful tools because it is an instrument everybody can relate too. Throughout our lives we hear voices, again and again and again (unless you're deaf...), and of course I also believe we become subconciously tuned to listen to the frequency and messages of a voice. It is therefore in my opinion why war pieces when utilized with a good choir adds such depth, because a well laid choir will drill the feeling of anger and suffering that no other instrument can land.

Or I could just be mental, one of these two theories are correct.

Thank you for the review, i'm glad you enjoyed the piece ^^.