Reviews for "The Steven Seagal Show #2"

One of the funniest animated shorts I've ever seen!!! XD

MORE MORE MORE!!! Please? The world gets shittier everyday as it is

lol my first time seeing this series damn haha good job :)

Even better than the first one, gee, we need more of that quality stuff. Pretty, please?

I have that same dream. That donkey. And its eyes. ITS EYES!!!! I was going to say something about how I could kinda believe Steven Seagal could do this, but that it didn't make any sense that they would all be rushing to attack him. But of course. A dream. Why not.

What I really have to wonder about is what Steven Seagal thinks of these videos, if he knows about them. Oh wait.... no, no! The first was in January 2012, the next one less than 3 months later, and now it has been almost another 21 months and there's no part 3. It can only mean.... STEVEN SEAGAL GOT TO YOU! Oh, ken9000, why, oh why, oh, the humanity. You had to go piss off Steven Seagal and get your neck broken and your brain torn straight out of your stomach. We had such good times together. Sigh. We're gonna miss you bro.