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Reviews for "Star Systems"

I like that megaman feel you added in there

DanJohansen responds:

Not intentional! But I can't deny the inspiration that lies deep within! Glad you enjoyed it man!

I like it. By the way, may my friend use it in a Minecraft mod? He's Norwegian too. Please reply by sending me a PM. Thanks!

p.s potato

DanJohansen responds:

What kind of Minecraft mod is it?
Glad you like it

I feel like this would've fit amazingly with a game like far cry: blood dragon, maybe in a throwback boss battle. Keep it up! :-)

DanJohansen responds:

That would be a cool and interesting fit for sure man :D Nice vision, thanks!

That was most excellent, sir. It felt quite reminiscent of early Raiden games. Very sentimental. I liked your use of classic gaming inspirations.

DanJohansen responds:

Appreciate it, I love videogame music so I want to make more of it myself. No restrictions when it comes to game soundtracks, which is why I dig it. You can do whatever you want. Thanks for the feedback!

I'm going to be honest, I'm actually working on a Geometry Dash level with this music in the background.
It's that good.

DanJohansen responds:

Thanks dude, glad you're enjoying it!