Reviews for "Super BroBalls"

Not sure if trolling, or just stupid.

nice concept but seems a little off for a pinball game. And the bro= conotations were really annoying. Sorry

The funniest thing about this April fools prank is all the idiots losing their shit over it in the reviews hahaha

are you kidding me?! this is one of the worst games that i've EVER seen in my long life as a gamer. Newgrounds is a great collection of great games but this ruines it. and the most annoying fact about this game is that you can't even lose or didn't you realize while programming? AND STOP THIS TERRIBLE MUSIC!

have a nice day

I was hating on this until I realized I was suffering from bro'd rage.Smooth action and consistent theme. Time to take your brozac!

NoLanLabs responds:

you are a true bro