Reviews for "Super BroBalls"

While the game is functional the ball will routinely fall through the last quarter of the flippers, sometimes pass right thru the middle of the flipper, fail to bounce off the flipper, or go straight down the center meaning you essentially cannot stop it from going down. Thankfully there is no limit on lives or tries so the game can still be completed without a lot of luck

This is a fun game. It is easy and has some funny sayings. I earned all of the medals. Will there be a sequel?

NoLanLabs responds:

Sure thing doctor brobad

Update: Sequel coming tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Okay this is a game, I'll give you credit there. However, this is a very bad game. The camera angle sucks, there are no lives, no goal, no reason to play this game. The controls are not explained and the graphics are ridiculous. The physics are broken and it is extremely easy to miss the ball. Maybe this is a joke, but in either case I don't find it funny. The only upside was the music, which quickly became annoying and repetitive. Polish it up and this game only has the potential for 3/5 stars at best.

I would seriously recommend taking this down.

Its good for your first game but here is a tip,
Use Photo shop! ( Get a cracked version or somthin...)

Brotastic game for a v1

Things to add/fix -
Current ball count
Add other balls such as tennis balls, or soccer balls
this is 2012, not 1995 - needs updated graphics