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Reviews for "No More Aliens!"

The game isn't working at all. All I see is a black screen with the speaker on the right top

The game is not responding.

it seems to be glitchy when trying to switch weapons and the support items and guns and taht could cost a little less or atleast more gems per kill.

Great game but there are a few glitches and bugs you need to work out. When you try to replace the upper left gun it disappears after you remove the standard machine gun. Also when you buy a new weapon it spawns over and over till you have all your weapon slots filled. I don't know it this is intentional or a glitch. But other then that its a great game and one I would enjoy play in the future with medals and glitches fixed.

Interesting shooter that rewards the player for good performance. Very well made. Gets a bit repetitive after a while. Upgrades are a welcome addition. Strategic use of slow motion will earn the player better medals, meaning more crystals, meaning more upgrades.

The graphics are decent. The controls are quite good. And it gets an extra half star for giving players the option to mute the sound even as the game is loading. =)