Reviews for "The Bester Game Ever Made"

Seriously, man. It will take a long staircase till this game would reach an average rating
Take some hints there:

- CAPSLOCK won't make your game less worse, as perfume won't make poop less noisome. It's kinda visually unpleasant (=polluted) to glimpse gigantic textboxes all on CAPS: JUST IMAGINE HOW IT IS TO READ A TEXT, OR WORSE, A LONG DIALOGUE OR COMPLEX EXPLANATION ABOUT SOMETHING WHEN YOU RELY JUST ON CAPSIZED WORDS FOR THAT. IT'S ANNOYING, TO SAY THE LESS OF IT. And also, sounds unpolite, as it probably had up here - sorry for that, just for figures

- Poor pixelation in gaming has to combine a certain good something (as a plot, or gameplay, or whatever). The game dialogues seem shallow, as the plain interaction. Not to say 'it's bad b/c graphs are not HALO-like (I crave for DOS games till up-to-nowadays, after all). Problem it is, that a mix of self-promoting and plain disappointment may arouse some players.

- What about self-criticism? Can you imagine how self-promoting your description sounds?

- Where are: gameplay, pleasant graphs, replayability, PLOT...?

Seriously man, go for another. This is a total, literally *EPIC* fail. Had I three thumbs, would all of them be down. Reinvent the concept, perhaps?

This is quite possibly the greatest flash game ever.

its great but hard here something how to die: seclet the feet go out to sea find the bird and seclet the the and click it

What is this man ? This game sucks

sorry but this game really sucks...like big time. ;D