Reviews for "The Bester Game Ever Made"

hmmmm it was good.

-_- This looks nothing like the thumbnail (which was still pretty crappy) So...I decided to look past the crappy art (where's the music) and keep playing. But then since there's all this random bull (I had to click everything with every tool, which was really boring, despite some good jokes). Then I had to keep walking on one direction slowly, making it even more boring. I gave up after I got killed by the laser duck...
The only good thing about this game is even though it looks badly programmed, no bugs.

good, better the best. there is no "the bester".

the music stopped after some seconds...

jailbreaker he was being sarcastic and he drew it like that on purpose

i saw it it was a waste of my time the half star is just the effort you put in its missing so much and it looks like crap as if a 3 year old were to draw it dont just post something that you thing it "GOING TO BE THE BEST"