Reviews for "The Bester Game Ever Made"

I can see that this is obviously a joke game, now this could work out as long as the game is playable, funny and can keep your attention. However controls (or lack thereof) are not that great, walking off screen is awkward and using the features at the bottom seem to do nothing more then present the player with a wall of caps lock text when you click on things. Now I could forgive all of this if the game was funny...but at least in my opinion the game isn't funny or fun to play and I would give you at least 3 stars for your effort but the game obviously doesn't show effort so it's 1 star from me.

LOL... great graphics and awesome gamelay, this may be the bestest game ever!!

Well, I'm rating off of gameplay, graphics, etc. And for that you don't deserve anything, but the jokes were pretty cheesy, and funny, so i guess you deserve a star for that at least

Quite a rapturous moment it is today. Oh joy and happiness. Thank you for providing this game to the denizens of this site. I simply cannot contain my excitement.