Reviews for "Ragnarok Eternal"

Very, very good. gave the sense of a classic dungeon crawler with smooth animation and an uncluttered inventory system.

ShadowWhoWalks responds:

it runs smooth for you? Because it plays like an old molested dairy cattle on its way to the processing plant when I try to launch it on the NG interface.

I'm a little curious, would you still score this high if I take out all of the fancy lights and all those dashing shadows?

Excellent game, I look forward to the finished product (those final three enemies are the most annoying bosses of all time solely for the way they talk). It did run smoothly for me so I don't know what problem you're having with it. I'm curious how exactly my questions affected where my stats were though. For some reason being a cynical evil genius only provided me with average INT but above average VIT and DEX which doesn't seem right to me.

ShadowWhoWalks responds:

hm, could be a browser thing. Could you tell me your computer specs and what browser you are currently using? I honestly don't know whether I could include those extra effects or not, try that link if you want to see the extra effects I'm talking about: running dusts, extra sparks, and dash shadows; I want them but I don't know if the average user can handle them.

The quiz will need rework as well, personally I'm thinking about scrapping it altogether because it seems a little out of place.

great game, would love to see a completed product one day, keep it up!

one thing, i deleted my lvl 10 save, so i could get the hidden rewards (in the room with the opened and closed chest, there's a hidden text saying that if you come there as low level and without stat points, you might get something interesting. i came there with no stat points spent, no xp at all and the chest was still empty :( )

awsome game i its great game ,but what about the rest of the levels ? well, we will be waiting for it keep it coming and keep up the good work

Absolutely awesome. Best flsh I've played in a LONG time. Can't wait for the full version. Hope there'll be more content, skills, magic and stuff like that.
Now if you would excuse me, I'm going to start a Castlevania marathon and download RO AGAIN!