Reviews for "Ragnarok Eternal"

This game is pretty epic and nostalgic. I can not wait to continue. awsm awsm. But add sound options in next vers. please

A well-made Metroidvania is a rarity these days. I hope you really are considering making a full game out of this.

Some other names for people to try, aside from the one that you can find out ingame:

Hisao Nakai / Hisao Necktie (+ item)
Megaman Zero / Rockman Zero (+ item)
Kenshu (+ item)
Evan Incognito (start with ABSOLUTELY NO STAT OR SKILL POINTS; I think this is how you unlock the "beat the boss with no stat points" secret, incidentally)

ShadowWhoWalks responds:

very nice, did you take the swf apart? I didn't expect players to dig out the other names as well.
Just to clarify, the last name is just a placeholder, and the game will not reward you for beating it with no stat/skill points invested, the message was just something for ballers to ball through the game. I still need to come up with appropriate reward for players who are balling out of control.

Thanks for the review, full content will be delivered as soon as possible.

Since i was a huge Ragnarok and the game is pretty well done this gets a 5!

Thus far, I'm really digging this game. Managed to beat Zealotus at level three(Without adding anything to skills/stats. Halberd + Spamming jump attack = Results.) Got Mysteltainn(KICKASS.) Then went on to vigorously smas the three enemy players(Assuming they're the final non-secret boss until further updates), and again, without adding anything to skills/stats. After nabbing that mask, and going back to that treasure chest(One with nothing in it, and gives you the "Chills down your spine" message.) Read that secret note, too. "If you truly possess balls of steel... No stat points, low level only, for some interesting bonuses." Read that message at level 6. What level must I be for these bonuses?

Anyway, back on-topic..; Nicely put together, can be a challenge, even once you can get some of the boss patterns down. And the numerous secret messages are pretty damned lolsy. I most certainly am looking forward to the continuation of Ragnarok Eternal, and the future updates.

...Btw... How do I get up to that gunner, after the first time you've talked to him? He's on a high-ledge, above where a player's dead and there's a fire-ball shooter just to the right of her. That's just gonna NAG at my brain 'til I get up to 'em..

This was one of the most fun adventure games I've played in years, with a levelling system that doesn't simply scale you up to "unstoppable badass" by the time you're near the end. The final non-hardmode boss (es?) was (were?) awesome, and really gave the game an MMO feel without the MMO setbacks. Unfortunately, yes, there is a glitch I've found that is worthy of mention: the final boss(es) lack(s) comprehension of stairs, and the entrance makes it so that only the magic attacks can even hit you. The other attackers merely slide across the floor uselessly, screaming and generally being useless. Though, arguably, this isn't so much a bug as the ineptitude of many (SPOILER)s...