Reviews for "Ragnarok Eternal"

This game is great and it has a lots of potential. Waiting for version2. :)

This is an EXCELLENT game. From the really polished sprite graphics to the incredible music track, I really must say that I dont log in to write reviews unless there either really bad, or in your case- REALLY good! Some critiques could be made though. Although you can modify your own keyboard controls, it might be more intuitive to change some of the button layouts. Meaning that maybe you should in a future update put in a key for dashing & make the "up" key be the same key for jump while it still opens or interacts with objects when in front of them without jumping. And final thing, this game IS a little laggy. If you could resolve the bug or lag issues to help the key commands better respond to your character's actions, this could be a TOP-NOTCH game.

awesome game!!! NEED MORE
why is there nothing after you defeat the trio!!! :( damn april fools! damn you

Loved the game, I'm trying to get every secret done. I've haven't seen very good games for a while and most Ragnarok games here are boring spoofs. 5 cause its great and i'm a Ragnarok fan.
Here are some secrets I found:
EasyModo - make it ur name and gives you plenty of stats and skill points, instant lvl 10
Golden Armor- defeat the boosted trio(500 armor, 3 str requirement)
Mysteltainn(dark sword)- Kill Zeolotus on lvl 3 and go to the left(the place where you fell)and hell show up.(250 atk , shadow element, life leech, requires 3 dex to have triple attack).
Halberd- beat Majurorous(150 atk,long reach,2 str to use,3 dex to have triple attack).
SprintArmor- top left side of wanderer boss area needs double jump(0 armor fater MS)
Helm- outside the majurorous area, go left. go to the dead bodies after the smasher thing then go back(50 armor).
Full plate armor- on the first door of the game go to the most bottom area. kill mummies then it will show up.
Chef hat- double jump from the area where you feel like Indiana Jones.(0 armor,increase drop rate)
Sombrero hat- from the survey pick the bean burrito and sour cream.(0 armor but it looks cool)
Flame Saber(Fireblend)- after getting the second note from the lamp from the place with the first smasher, go back to the entrance and its on the second tree.(120 attack, fire element)
Immaterial Sword - you get the runic rod from the wanderer and kill the golem and get crystal fragment, the Golem's location is probably at the area above the zealotous boss area.(120 attack , Ghost element).
Alarm mask - defeat the trio.

I have questions about what the poring (^0^) for is , I've been beating it up for some time and nothing happens( its shows up at the area before the trio). And about the balls of steel dont understand it, I finished the game on lvl 3 ,1 of all attributes no skills(for those who do not know how to have none don't answer the survey, he will let you assign them). I did not face the wanderer. I went back the the area where the balls of steel word is and the champion who is AFK, is not dead which he is supposed to be. But doesn't give me anything just says. "There is a statue, It looks very lifelike" And I've seen an Assassin on a ceiling like Spiderman but when i got double jump he disappeared >.<. And could you really get to that gunslinger?

ShadowWhoWalks responds:

The poring serves no purpose in this game, other than updating your notebook.
The ball of steel is also an april fool joke as well as a failed translation; there are no bonuses for completing the game with no skills or stats, it's just an invisible achievement. You can show it to your grandson or something.

The gunslinger is purposely there to taunt you, there is nothing up there even if you get up there by exploit.

Its great, but I notice most of the backrounds come from Castlevania, specifically, Symphony of the Night