Reviews for "Hungry Gamers"

you should make a non-troll version aswell

Its a good game but i get shot with an arrow every single time or i blow up

Finally, got all medals.

Spoiler alert:

Do not keep reading if you want to find them on your own.

1. Grab the bag: Get the orange bag.
2. Alliance: Look for the black girl (black hair on the left side with blue shirt)
3. Arrows get: Stand behind the tree closest to you to the left (the knife should cut the tree).
4. Crowd pleaser: Look for your teammate (guy with brown hair and blue shirt on the left).
5. To the dogs: Just play enough times and one game will start with a dog eating someone.

For 2 and 4, you need to die very close to them or touch them before dying, if possible.

PS: I wish there was a full game.

LOL!Guys,you are so idiots ... You are so LAZY to read the Author's comment,It's says:This was an April Fools joke. You can't survive the knife. Sorry to everyone who got sad!

Dat Kunai Ninjing