Reviews for "Hungry Gamers"

lmfao, it took me 'bout 7 tries before I thought SOMETHING may be up. checked the upload date and a few reviews, and bam. you bastards, lmfao

as a pro master elite super troll from the internets and a #ALPHA male, it always pleases me when someone can actually troll me instead. fking bastards lol, cant even be mad

is this game to piss you off because i can't get pass the knife part

bad game! killed by knife

Hey! Um well I was wondering that the peaople that made this can help me make an another Hunger Games Game so you can like really play the game! And you should like at least change the game so that you dont die as fast. Cuz this game is awsome. But sucks balls also.

I was playing out my acount and I never move on the count down but...SSSSsssss Boom im dead