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Reviews for "UberSonicSceneCreator2"

Pretty funny, but there should be a save system for the images.

Gaaz responds:

That would take complicated coding, but I will see what I can do.

why the hell rouge is danceing

You should let us to mix up the background parts of different stages in one scene,but is a good game :P will you make a version 3?

A Final Doomsday Battle Ending In Sonic's Victory, But Eggman Has Built Up Those Flame Breath Robots From Angel Island And Is Doing It All Over Again.
I Was Only Able To Do This Here, Since Doing It Elsewhere Was Hard.
This Game Is A Very Good Scene Creator Compared To Other Ones, I Really Did Like It, Now I Can Make An Army Of Flame Breaths In Space! Good Work Gaaz, Hope You Make A Third.

@Ashura, sorry to say that... but... the "character" Ashura is nothing but a glitch.