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Reviews for "UberSonicSceneCreator2"

Pretty good, I was kinda let down on the Main sprites though, very limited and only 2 super sonic sprites. Should add more :P

Gaaz responds:

Yea that is bad on my part, I will add more.

Pretty funny, but there should be a save system for the images.

Gaaz responds:

That would take complicated coding, but I will see what I can do.

good game i love the sonic scene creators there all great over all version 5 is the best but thanks for the several hours of entertainment. and pleas keep working on your game it is awesome and i am waiting for version 6, what you should do is have all of you guys who have made a sonic scene creators work together on version 6. oh and by the way when you do make another version add the chaotix and some of the other characters from the comics. once again i have to say i love your game and pleeeeezzzzz keep adding to it and to other versions. thanks

why the hell rouge is danceing

A Final Doomsday Battle Ending In Sonic's Victory, But Eggman Has Built Up Those Flame Breath Robots From Angel Island And Is Doing It All Over Again.
I Was Only Able To Do This Here, Since Doing It Elsewhere Was Hard.
This Game Is A Very Good Scene Creator Compared To Other Ones, I Really Did Like It, Now I Can Make An Army Of Flame Breaths In Space! Good Work Gaaz, Hope You Make A Third.