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Reviews for "UberSonicSceneCreator2"

ok there is just one problem rouge 's butt shaking

I made a tank with robo sonic ball the steam roller laser and dr eggman robo a vase and the checkpoint

I don't like 2 thing s about this the sprite where rouge is shaking her butt cuz its kinda disturbing and is shadow shouting or turning super? Cuz if he's turning super why there no super shadow sprites other than dat great work

Where did Mighty the Armadillo go? He was in 1 then was cut. He is my 3rd favorite character! 1st is Sonic, and second is Blaze the Cat.
Plz add more characters, like the Chaotix.
PS-When is Uber Sonic scene creator 3 coming?

i used dan vs audio to make a crossover starring shadow as dan sonic has chris and all of the above i had to use the same characters for other characters