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Reviews for "UberSonicSceneCreator2"

Well, I went back and forth with multiple scene creators to do this one thing. It is a story that is still being developed. Sonic tries to stop Eggman from destroying the world, but Eggman creates Shadow, a stupid Purple Shep at the time. They then fall into multiple other zones for no good reason and take a good beating from Eggman (Super Sonic is apparently not strong.) Then, they randomly encounter Metal Sonics in space and fight them to the death. This buys Eggman enough time to destroy the world. Now, Sonic wants revenge on Eggman and will do antything to restore the world he once knew.

hmm cool but it needs more like
dark sonic
hyper sonic
super tails
and more that i cant say......

A Final Doomsday Battle Ending In Sonic's Victory, But Eggman Has Built Up Those Flame Breath Robots From Angel Island And Is Doing It All Over Again.
I Was Only Able To Do This Here, Since Doing It Elsewhere Was Hard.
This Game Is A Very Good Scene Creator Compared To Other Ones, I Really Did Like It, Now I Can Make An Army Of Flame Breaths In Space! Good Work Gaaz, Hope You Make A Third.


i love this game but add these stuff and stop some of this stuff:

add stop
silver rouge's but shaking
super amy any creepy music.
super shadow
super tails
super knuckles.