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Reviews for "UberSonicSceneCreator2"

in uber sonic scene creator 3 can you add super shadow silver super normal silver change super sonics eyes red and also add tails doll and sonic and amy kissing

its ok u shod add
tails doll blaze
cream doll
sonic doll

:megusta: Needs Super Shadow

want 5 stars put fire sonic from Mario Bros Z episode 8 & silver,Blaze,eggman and super metal sonic then i'll put 5 stars in Uber Sonic Scene Creator 3

from the legendary minismosh

but the flips are fast! i can't control! ahhh! fix it!

Gaaz responds:

Yes I had trouble with that function; I'm not so able when it comes to coding. I will try and fix this and make it more streamlined in the next one.