Reviews for "Cat Vader 3"

It's been awhile since the last episode. I really think it's cool how the voice works. It's not exactly like James Earl Jones and that makes sense, because it's a cat doing the voice, not a person. It's sad to think about what kind of accident might have burnt that poor cat's face. My only complaint is that the animation seems really outdated. Then again, perhaps that was the appeal of a cartoon like this.

My favorite part was probably when Cat Vader attacked using his red lightsaber. I wasn't expecting that bit of action. This seems exactly how Darth Vader would act if he was a cat. It's hard to even tell the difference between masks as the only differences are the prescence of his whiskers. It's funny from beginning to end.


No, No! Vader is wrong! Come with us... and explore the DOG side of the Force...

There is no scape! XD LOL

Darth Vader would pronounce schedule like skedjool and not shedjool because he's not a Brit.