Reviews for "Cat Vader 3"

I think this video was a bit fair. The part when Cat Vader slashed the birb with his... lightclaws? The part with when he took out the ESC and saying "There is no escape" that was well thought out. However, you do a lot of scene skipping and no background music and you should add in the "rebels" and stormtroopers next time. I'd really like that.

there is no escape lol but really this is what it deserves theres not much tto it cats doing what cats do try some other stuff like a parody of the moive with this cat .

Agree with Draco.
The video itself was pretty boring, the jokes weren't all that funny.
But that last one was pretty good ;)

3/5 cause of the good and bad puns i like the there is no escape thing or the lightsaber but the sky walker guy atlest give him a some of like his cloths or somethin

it wasnt as funny as the last two i admit.i senced a great disturbance in the force,as if millions of laughs were suddenly vanquished.the rebels found out that it was due to lack of several puns by comparison in the last two episodes.they want to do a trench run with the writing team and make the empire beg for more puns.many bothins died to bring you this information.