Reviews for "Cat Vader 3"

This definitely got a laugh out of me. I should not have been taking a drink when he said the skywalker line to the bird. The only real problem I had with it was the breathing effect nearly throughout the entire animation. It was fun at first, but got slightly annoying - but that's just me. Definitely still awesome, though.

koit responds:

Woo. Glad you liked.

As with previous CV anims, I've always had continuous breathing cos that's how darth vader is in the films. He's always breathing, just at different paces. Sometimes it's laboured, sometimes it's fast but it's always there.

Haha That was funny! I like the part where he actually uses the light-saber!
Super sound effects! How did you do the voice! WOW

koit responds:

Yay, well I got requests for light sabre tail - people were disappointed when it didn't appear in EP2. So I had to include it this time.

Thanks - I always work hard on SFX for my stuff.

And as for the voice, well, a lot of impressioning and then shedloads of filters etc to get it to sound close to Vader.


Hahaha hilarious "your destiny lies with me skywalker

On my way to find a cat safe vader helmet now.....brb